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Voy al grano.
Rumbo a SXSW 2017, varios amigos necesitan de nuestros votos para que sus propuestas de panel sean escogidas, así que:
1) Voten por ellos
2) Compartan este enlace (o el de las charlas)

Is digital mobile design draining our free will?

por Mariana Hernández, Jorge Camacho y Alexander Elbittar

Much of our technological decisions are self-deception. Is technology being designed to block our free will? Are we playing against designers? Product design “should” intend to generate positive behaviors. How does self-control regulate our path towards a total immersion? Our proposal is to create a panel based on the exploration of decision frameworks about technological sovereignty. We want to address these issues with an experimental design. We are planning to use techniques developed by Kahneman: measurement of well-being of subjects under testing, performing technological tasks.

Digital Invaders: new education for a new world

por Ulises Valencia

Digital Invaders is the first digital creative school in Mexico, focused on alternative education content to reduce the gap between technology advances and traditional study plans in former universities.

The session will perform video & audio as support for explanation of the Grupo W agency’s educational program, which looks for new talent in Latin America to promote their technical and thinking skills.

We believe that it is important to democratize this efforts, so that more people get closer to creativity, innovation and technology as an education and professional option in Mexico, instead of looking for these offerings in distant and more expensive places.

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