Our first project with Google Glass: Support Daniela in the Nike We Run

As those of you who follow me on social networks may know, Flock has had a pair of Google Glass for a few months now. So one day, after the initial excitement had worn off and everyone had gotten a chance to wear them for a while, we started thinking about what we might be able to do with them because (of course) we don’t have any client briefs that specifically request that we include them. That’s when we came up with the idea to tell Daniela Velasco’s story.

Daniela compitiendo en la final de los JJOO 2012

Daniela Velasco is a Mexican girl who, at just 17, won the bronze medal in the 400 meter dash in the T12 category (athletes with visual impairment, whose visual field is equal to or less than five degrees) at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

And since Daniela is, above anything else, an elite athlete, we found it interesting to present to her a new challenge: to, for one day, run—not on a track—but to leave the track behind and join twenty thousand other people in running 10 km in this year’s Nike We Run, the race annually organized by Nike in Mexico’s major cities.

And so, after a couple of meetings with her and her family (who helped us carefully outline the mechanics of what we were proposing), we were fortunate enough that Daniela accepted the challenge which, in further detail, includes wearing Google Glass to live-broadcast her route and, in turn, allows us to relay (also) live messages of encouragement from the hundreds of people who will want to watch her complete this feat.

Cuenta de Google+ de Daniela

To participate in this experience, just access Daniela’s Google+ profile next Sunday morning (Mexico time). From there, you’ll be able to watch her race and/or send her messages of encouragement (using the chat feature, Hangouts, posting on her profile or commenting on any of the existing content), which will be converted from text to voice by Google Text-to-Speech API.

· Click here to access Daniela’s Google+ profile

Say Hi to Daniela

* And if you know someone else who might want to participate in this story, share this post on your social networks so that more people come cheer for our heroine.Thanks in advance! *

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